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Blankets for Preemies

At the Danbury, Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport Hospital neonatal units, TTMF provides colorful, fleece blankets handmade by the "Blankets for Preemies" club at Middlesex Middle School in Darien, CT. Led by science teacher and "Blankets for Preemies" founder Kelley Depiano, students raise funds to buy the fleece material, then spend an entire school day assembling the blankets which are then donated to TTMF for distribution.

These blankets are:

A tool for nurses to keep the incubators dark and quiet, which helps the brain development of the fragile babies who are experiencing sight and sound too early.
A visual guide to the parents who arrive in a crowded room of incubators to see their baby and very often their baby's incubator has been moved and they can only locate their child by the fleece blanket incubator cover.
A warmer for when parents hold their baby outside the incubators using Kangaroo Care
A stabilizer for a tiny baby going home in a car seat that is too big for his or her body.
A gift that has special memories for the baby's family to cherish as a keepsake forever
A comfort to fragile new parents from people who care.



Blankets are made possible through a generous grant from


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