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Resources & Supplies

We have compiled this list of internet websites and local Connecticut  resources to help you find supplies or services you may need to care for your miracle baby!

Resources for the tech-savvy preemie parent.

Au pairs are live-in childcare providers, ages 18-26 years old, from different countries around the world. They provide 45 hours per week of flexible childcare, household help and cultural experience.

A Baby Nurse is a trained childcare provider who comes into your home to help you with the day-to-day care of your baby (or babies) when they first come home from the hospital.

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A variety of helpful books written specifically for families with premature babies.

Some wonderful books written to help older siblings of premature babies understand and cope with their tiny new brother or sister.

Resources for breastfeeding and for the unique challenges related to breastfeeding premature babies.

Resources for choosing the right car seat for a premature baby.

Special preemie-sized clothing and more.

Sources for diapers tiny enough for your preemie.

Doulas provide support for the mother so you can get to know your baby (or babies) once you bring them home from the hospital. Here you'll find resources for locating a doula in Fairfield County, CT.

Some essential resources, from support groups to informational websites to books.

Some unique gift items for parents of premature babies.

Products related to kangaroo care.

Medical resources relating to prematurity and the NICU.

Medical supplies useful in the care of your premature baby.

Specialized photography services for families with premature babies.

Resources to help your tiny baby get the rest he needs.

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