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In Hospital Parent Mentor

Are you a parent of a premature baby and live in Fairfield County, CT? Do you want to go into our local NICUs and help other parents cope with the premature birth of their babies? Your personal experience of having a premature baby gives you a unique understanding of what new parents are going through. By becoming a parent mentor, you can help them through this shocking, isolating and frightening NICU experience If you wish to learn more about this volunteer opportunity, CONTACT US If you want to become a parent support mentor, you can also start the volunteer application process by printing out the form below, and mailing it in to us and we will call you!


Support Network Parent Mentor

Become a network parent mentor! These volunteers are ALL parents of premature babies in the Fairfield County , Connecticut area. Similar to our In Hospital Mentors, they also attend the TTMF mentor training program,  but they work with our families via telephone or in person , outside of the hospitals. The mentors all receive ongoing group and individual training by various professionals several times a year. For more details on the support network volunteer role, CONTACT US .  To get started , you can also print and mail in parent mentor forms and we will contact you

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